Warehouse Cleaning

Warehouse Cleaning

We Can Tailor Warehouse Cleaning Services to Meet Your Specific Needs and Requirements!   


Being a business owner, you have identified that you need to:

  • Hire the services of a highly skilled and professional warehouse cleaning provider to help you in maintaining a safe and hygienic warehouse environment for:
    • Your employees, and
    • Prospective” customers/clients who may visit your warehouse to purchase your products.


We are Committed to Helping You in Providing a Safe and Hygienic Working Environment for your Employees!

First and foremost, let’s look at some useful tips.

Tip #1. A clean warehouse environment encourages a positive workplace environment and helps avoid workplace injuries and expensive law suits.  

Tip #2. A dirty, slippery and grimy warehouse floor, can quickly turn away any “prospective” customers/clients to your warehouse.

In fact, they will simply take their business to your competitors.


Our Warehouse Cleaning Services

Our warehouse cleaning services, include, but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning, scrubbing and degreasing stubborn grime, grease and spillages, etc from your warehouse floor.
  • Cleaning and scrubbing hard floors and walls.
  • Cleaning kitchens, staff rooms and office areas.
  • Cleaning and sanitising toilets and washrooms, including sanitary disposal.
  • High-pressure cleaning of concrete areas and driveways.
  • Vacuuming, hygienically cleaning, scrubbing or steam cleaning carpets (if required).
  • Cleaning and polishing windows and
  • Removing garbage and waste from all areas.
  • Removing graffiti from external surfaces.
  • Providing pest and termite control


Why Choose Our Warehouse Cleaning Services?

Here are 9 reasons why you should choose our warehouse cleaning services:

  1. Our Experience. We have over 15 years of experience in warehouse cleaning.
  2. No Warehouse is too Big or too Small. We clean all size warehouses, and it doesn’t matter how big or how small your warehouse is.
  3. Warehouse Safety. Our professional warehouse cleaners will leave your warehouse clean and tidy after each clean. More importantly, you can rest easy knowing that the safety and well-being of your employees and your customers/clients is paramount.
  4. 4. Training, Skills and Experience. All our professionals are fully trained to the highest standard. They also have a wide range of skills and experience in the use of specialised cleaning equipment and cleaning products. Coupled with these skills, they have the required skills and technical experience needed to remove stubborn grime, grease and spillages, etc from your warehouse floor.
  5. “One Point ” of Contact. You will be provided with “one point of contact for the duration of the warehouse cleaning contract. This ensures, for a quick and easy communication channel to be maintained between you and our allocated  professionals.
  6. Flexible and Understanding. Our  professionals pride themselves in being flexible and understanding. They will look outside the square in helping you meet your specific warehouse cleaning needs and requirements.
  7. Insurance. Global Cleaning is fully insured.
  8. Past and Satisfied Customers. You can be reassured that we have hundreds of “satisfied” and “repeat” customers.
  9. Equipment/cleaning products. Our professionals are well trained and skilled in using the latest cleaning and scrubbing machines and in the usage of proper cleaning products.

These are just some of the reasons why choosing Global Cleaning for your specific warehouse cleaning needs and requirements can benefit you.



If you would like more information on how our warehouse cleaning professionals can make your home, office or warehouse look and feel better.

For a no-obligation free quote, please call us today on 1800 626 659 or alternatively, you can simply click here to send us a question and we will contact you without delay.